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The Interphone Report 

What is it? The Interphone Report is a £16.5 million, decade-long investigation overseen by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The Report has been investigating whether there is a link between mobile phone use and the risk of developing brain tumours. 

Who’s done it? The investigation has been a collaboration of 13 different nations and has been both Government and Industry funded.

What have they found? The Report has been criticised for being flawed; the investigation took place over 10 years and even the heaviest users were relatively modest callers by today’s standards. The main conclusion was that people who use their mobile phones for at least 30 minutes per day for 10 years may have a greater risk of developing brain cancer. Worryingly, they also highlighted the fact that the full effects of mobile phones may not be seen for 20-30 years. Some of the other findings are still a little unclear and further research has to be done, especially in regard to the effect that mobile phone use has on children.

Worldwide research into mobile phone related ill-health 

Sweden - Researchers from Sweden claim that people who start using their mobile phones before the age of 20 are five times more likely to develop certain tumours as their skulls are thinner and their brains are still developing. 

Austria - Research at the University of Graz showed that 68% of men who carried mobile phones in their trouser pocket had damaged sperm.

Australia - Professor Khurana, an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery for The Australian National University Medical School states that “there is a significant and increasing body of evidence for a link between mobile phone usage and certain brain tumours”. 

Great Britain - Britain’s Department of Health has not updated its guidance for more than four years. It suggests that children be “discouraged” from making “nonessential” calls while adults should “keep calls short”.

Mobile phones emit microwave radiation, which is present whenever the mobile phone is turned on, not just when in use. The Call Safe blocks this radiation. Forget for a moment about all the clever features and applications your mobile has, and instead try to think of it as a mini-microwave oven with no protective walls. Now try to imagine holding your mini-microwave against the side of your head, your heart or your groin. You wouldn't do it, it would you? Yet we all do…every day.

Use your mobile phone more safely…use with Call Safe.

Our Recommendations...

The Call Safe shields both ‘near and far-field’ radiation and reduces SAR levels by 90%. 

To help protect you from harmful emissions we suggest taking the following precautions:
1. Reducing the amount you use your mobile phone will lower exposure and reduce the health risks. Simple, really.
2. Whenever possible, text instead of calling.
3. Switch off or shield your phone by placing it in your Call Safe when carrying it.
4. Switch off your mobile at night. 
5. If you must make substantial calls do it in your Call Safe. 
6. Prohibit your child’s phone use wherever possible. When this is not possible make sure they use the Call Safe


CSI001 Internal dimensions  70mm x 130mm approx
CSS001 Internal Dimensions 55mm x 130mm approx